piątek, 18 listopada 2016

Visit in Yad Vashem

         During our stay in Israel, we visited the Yad Vashem dedicated to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust. It was one of the main aims of our week long trip. In this institute is located among others Hall of Names, where are the data about the victims of Holocaust. Here is also a Garden of the Righteous Among the Nations, in which we were looking for trees planted in memory of the people helping Jewis survive during the Holocaust.
       The two trees that were particularly important to us, were: the tree to commemorate Ms. Janina Wałęga-Filozof, who during the war saved Lila Blumenkranz, and the tree devoted to Julius Madritsch, who employed hundreds of Jews in his Tarnów factories producing uniforms for the army, and thus contributed to the fact that many of those workers survived the war.
       In the Yad Vashem there are several monuments dedicated to the murdered children during the Holocaust, Jewish partisans and soldiers. Especially important for us it was to find a monument to Janusz Korczak, who is the patron of our school and we found it. That day caused in us a lot of emotions and allowed us to imagine what life was like in those days.


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