Project team

We are students Janusz Korczak High School No. 5 in Tarnów. Although our interests are different, there are all things for all people in this project. Let us introduce ourselves.

Patrycja Chwałek
Hi! My name is Patrycja and I'm 18 years old. I really like sport, I'm into dancing and swimming. It makes me pleasure. I joined this project because Madritsch story interested me a lot. Because of this project, I enriched my historical knowledge and I gained new language skills.

Katarzyna Nowak
Hi, my name is Kasia and I'm almost 18. I really enjoy learning Biology, and I'm keen on everything which is connected with it. As you can guess I don't really have so much in common with History. But Madritsch story was an exception, because he has made history of the city where I live, His story shows us some incredible details of World War II. It's much more than just Madritsch's story, it's about so many lifes that he saved. 

Agnieszka Zbylut
Hello. I'm Agnieszka and I'm 18. I like to try new things and challenge yourself, so I joined this project. It was a goos choice, because the story of Madritsch is really amazing. During the participation in this project, I learnt about history of my town, but also I acquired IT skills. In my spare time I work as a medicial volunteer. This is my greatest passion and I'm going to tie my future with it. 

Agata Głuszak
My name is Agata and I'm 18. I'm keen on reading books, but don't have any favourite literary genre; I find it hrd to choose one probably because I'v read not enough yet. To be honest, history is not sth what interests me but Madritsch's story is connected with the city I live in, besides he has done sth incredible; as for me it seems more intriguing than e.g. memorising dates as it is on history. Just explore our blog and see for yourself.

Izabela Wiśniowska
Hi! My name is Izabela and I am 18. I love healthy life style so I am into exercising on a gym or house. Also I spent a lot of time listening to music and watching TV-series, mainly about superheroes like The Flash or Superman. I took part in this project because I wnt to improve my skills in English. It surprised me in positive way, because I learned how to create my own website, I knew better my town and history about Madritsch, the person who aved many people like superhero.

Kamil Ulanecki
I am Kamil I am 18 years old. I am interested in film montages, sports. In my spare time I play semi-professionally in League Of Legends, at least for the moment. I love the challenges and work in the group as a leader. I prefers that the work he performs is ordered.

Marcin Zaród
I’m an English teacher at Janusz Korczak High School No. 5 in Tarnów. I am also a member of the “Superteachers of Poland” group that brings together innovative teachers. For me the Julius Madritsch project is  a logical continuation of our first student project called Permeation-Przenikanie, which we prepared in 2016 in collaboration with Israeli students. My main goal is to discover the unknown history of Tarnow to its residents and to restore the memory of the Jewish community, which young people tend to know little about. I am aware that students participating in the project have the opportunity for additional development, learning many new skills, and meeting interesting people. And most importantly, I would like them to believe in themselves - to realize that they really  can change the world.
I am an author of articles on new teaching methods and innovative use of technology and projects that appear in professional journals for teachers. In 2013 I won the national title of Teacher of the Year, and in 2016 the local Tarnów "Teacher of Culture" award.

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