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Julius Madritsch in Martin Gilbert's book "The Righteous: The Unsung Heroes of the Holocaust"

Martin Gilbert in his book “The Righteous: The Unsung Heroes of the Holocaust” describes what Madritsch had done, how much he had been risking in order to save as much Jews as possible, during the World War II. The story is fortified with dr Adolf Leenhardt’s, Yaakov Sternberg’s  memories and quotes from book of Julius Madritsch himself.

  Madritsch had been not only rescuing lots of people’s lives giving them employment but also provided them with as many loafs of bread as they could sell part of it and buy other things. There was a kosher and half-kosher kitchen, which was for sure extremely important for those who were experiencing continually the stigma because of their religion.

  There were also much more workers than needed, three for each machine for which only one was necessary. All this to protect one more human, one more man...They weren’t discriminated by Madritsch, even if most of them were elderly, he assured they are valuable and significant. This, of course, wasn’t easy, especially when there appeared sadistic commandment form Płaszów, Amon Goeth, who tried to stand on his way. Despite this and the others obstacles, Madritsch continued on his heroic way. Even when supplying workers - prisoners of the camp required to pay SS...

  After the liquidation of ghetto in Płaszow (which was directed by Amon Goeth), Madritsch transferred his workers to Bochnia and Tarnów, in which he was helped not only by his manager, Raimund Titsch, but by dr Adolf Leenhardt and Oswald Bosko as well.

  Except for protection on the spot, Madritsch enabled Jews to escape via border with Slovakia and farther, to Hungary - through a factory in Piwniczna.
  Even when after one of periodic workers selection by SS, part of them was sent to another camp, he made sure whether there wasn’t anything bad which would happened to them.
  Then factories in Kraków had been closed, Madritsch together with Titsch got in touch with the other works owner, Oscar Schindler, who agreed to employ a great amount of workers.

  Like Schindler, although a few people know about it, Julius Madritsch is one of The Righteous Among the Nations.

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