czwartek, 22 czerwca 2017

Cooperation with the director and producer of a planned documentary devoted to Julius Madritsch

To our surprise, we were contacted by Zofia Beklen from the Vienna-Krakow Cultural Society, who is the producer of the planned documentary about Julius Madritschu. We knew that Madritsch himself lived before the war in Vienna. As a result of this contact there was a  Skype conversation between the director Piotr Szalsza, and the teacher-coordinator of the project Marcin Zarod. It turns out that Peter had  planned to create a film about Julius Madritsch for many years.  When he read about our project on the Internet, he decided to contact us.

The outcome of the first conversation was the arrival of the film crew in Tarnow on June 18, the day of the launch of our project. Zofia Beklen and the camera operator  took part in the tour of the Jewish Cemetery in Tarnów, where they shot some video footage for the planned film.

In the evening, the film crew also participated in the presentation of the project in the Sztyler Gallery.

After the presentation the film crew and the project team met  Mr. Dariusz Czechowski, who brought with him items taken from one of the drawers in the original sewing machine from the Madritsch workshop.


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