sobota, 1 kwietnia 2017

Exclusive interview with Margot Schlesinger about Madritsch and Titsch

Mrs. Margot Schlesinger also agreed to give us an exlusive interview, in which she describes her life during the WWII and how she and her her husband, Cheskel, was employed at Julius Madritsch's factory in Tarnow and then in Cracow-Plaszow. When the news of the liquidation of the Plaszow camp was announced, Margot Schlesinger was entered onto the famous "Schindler's List". In her interview she tells not only about Julius Madritschu, but also about the manager of the Tarnow plant, Raimund Titsch, who after the war was also awarded the medal "Righteous Among the Nations" for helping the Jews to survive in those dark times.

Nowadays Mrs. Schlesinger lives in the US. The interview was recorded by her daughter, Regine Schlesinger, to whom we would like to express our deep thanks. To watch the interview, click the embedded Youtube video below.


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