niedziela, 4 lutego 2018

Visiting the Jewish quarter of Vienna with Mr. Andrzej Selerowicz

On the second day after our arrival in Vienna, we had an appointment with Mr. Andrzej Selerowicz and director Piotr Szalsza. We met in the second district of Vienna, where the largest number of Jews lived before World War II. The beginning of our tour and filming took place in front of one of the Austrian gymnasiums, which was located near the already demolished building in which Julius Madritsch was born. Then, walking around the second district, we came across small plates that were located on the sidewalk. They were located in places commemorating the murdered Jews. Another important place that we visited was the place of the former synagogue at Tempelgasse, which was one of the largest in Vienna. It was burned during the Crystal Night in 1938. Currently, there are columns to show how big it was. The synagogue is also commemorated by a memorial plaque in Hebrew and German. We finished our trip on the Jewish Square, finding out about the fate of the local Jews before and after the wars.


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